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No you don't need a dog. You've lived there for 3 years and don't know where CJ strike is? It's one of the best places to wet a line in the whole snake-river valley. You do know where Mtn. Home, and Mtn. home air force base is don't you? You take I-84 out of Boise headed south toward Mtn. Home. (If you have an atlas and gazetteer Topo maps of the state of Idaho, this is all on page 25) Once you get to Mtn. Home, go through the town and head toward the air base, on Air Base Road. This road is about 10 miles long and dead ends at the base. You want to turn right about a mile before you get to the base. If you see a brown resturaunt called scrubbys on your right (it's in a desert, you can't miss it) you've just missed your turn, it's a paved hwy 67 right before scrubby, it's a right turn. Go down this road about 15 miles and look for Strike Damn Cutoff road on your left. It's a gravel road, marked with a very small green street sign. It's kinda bumpy and hilly, so most people don't use the cut off, but go the long way on paved roads. Go down the cut off road about six miles and start looking for little dirt roads of to your left, You wont hardly see them till you've passed them, I think there are 2 or three. (make sure you've gone about 6 miles before you explore any dirt roads, or you wont find the cliffs, they're further down the road)Drive these roads a little ways and you'll come to some cliffs over looking CJ strike. The ducks and geese sit out in the middle of the resivor all day, and at sundown begin to circle, they head to the grain fields to eat at night. since the cliffs are so high up they have to circle a few times before they get enough altitude. When they finally do clear the cliffs, everybody is hidden behind sage brush and they're REAL LOW. It's even better when it's windy out, they'll barely clear that cliff and fly over at about 30 ft. Good luck, e-mail me and let me know how you did. We used to burn almost a box of shells each in the half our before dark. You don't need a dog because you are no-where near the water, all the birds fall on the dry tuble-weed strewn desert.
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