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I have had very good luck with Ballistic Tips in .30-06, 165 gr, and .257 Roberts, 100 gr. A hunting buddy swears he'll never use 'em again, though, because the 165s were too fragile in his '06. Perhaps he was right, and I was just lucky with bullet placement. My son has done right well with them, too.

Glad to hear, though, that the construction has been beefed up somewhat. Seems as if we just used a couple of boxes in the .30 and then drifted back to Sierra bullets. Never had ANY complaints as to accuracy. There was a time they were FAR cheaper than the 168 Sierra Match bullets, and dang near as accurate.

I really don't think I'd use the BT bullets on larger, tougher animals such as bear without some good, first-hand, references from hunters who are good observers. Sierra Game Kings are hard to beat.


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