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If you want to try something really different and really good, take all the little odd bits that you'd normally grind up for burger and cut it up into 1" cubes. Brown it in a frying pan and then pickle it according the recipe found on the back of any jar of pickling spices. Toss in onions and jalapenos to taste and then stick in the fridge for a month or so.


This also works for fish (sounds gross maybe, but its wonderful - even people who don't like fish, like my pickled fish).
With the fish, no cooking. Just roll them in salt and brown sugar and leave them somehere cool overnite to draw out all the moisture. Take the now (partially) cured fish and seal them in your jars of pickling solution with peppers, etc,. The neat thing about this is that the vinegar in the pickling solution will melt all the little bones out of the fish, but it leaves the meat firm. Its really wonderful.

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