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I made a batch of moose jerky a couple weeks ago. Slice thin (works best if partially frozen) like 1/8" and across grain as much as possible. Soak in a brine of 1-2cups apple cider (that is starting to get a little of that vinegar tang or add a little vinegar), with salt and brown sugar in approx equal parts, couple tablespoons of worchestershire (sp?) sauce, some minced or pressed garlic, and a half can of beer. Mix it up good and let it cover the meat. marinade 2 days in the fridge mixing several times. after 2 days take out, rinse, and drain. Then dust with a mix of tablespoon of curry powder, some onion powder and or garlic powder, pepper (I prefer a sechuan or black/red mix), and some seasoning salt if you want.
Then,( listen close now- I'm trying to save marriages here) on the GRILL, outside and away from the neat and tidy kitchen, start a small charcoal fire all the way to one side of the grill and lay the meat on racks on the other side. add wet hickory pieces and a couple briquets every hour or so. keep the fire long and low- about 5 hours on my grill. You can also do it on most gas grills if one burner can be turned off. I stack several racks with hickory blocks for spacers and rotate the racks 2-3 times, and turn the strips of meat over once after a couple hours.
Hope this helps.
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