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Savage 110 Scoop Please...

Been hearing some weird stuff about Savage from a who knows source and want to know the real scoop. A friend is contemplating getting a used 110 and had his head filled with gobbledegoop from someone, but he sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

Says the older 110's had a problem going off by themselves.
It bankrupted Savage.
Someone bought them out and brought back the 110's.
The problem is fixed.
Need to know if it was true and if so how to tell the older bad ones from the newer good ones.

Oh yeah, and the newer ones usually have bolt problems...?

I never heard of any of this stuff but do know one guy who has a broken bolt on his 110/06. AFAIK, 110's are good rifles but I'm no Savage afficiando so please advise if any of this is true or not. Thanks.
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