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a few people ask some addional questions of me both here and in the old school new school shooting stance threat (this thread is kind of an offshoot to that discussion). 1) What model do I carry? A: Colt Official Police .38, 2) What is my stance? A: I don't usually do the Weaver 2 handed stance (that is weaver right?) unless I'm taking a careful shot at 100 yards (which is rare) or sometimes at 50 yards. I generally shoot one hand at a side stance with my arm either fully extended or 3/4ths exetended with my elbow bent. Sometimes (when I have the range COMPLETELY to myself with nobody around) I go out onto the range and do the draw and crouch method as I know it on one or two targets. 3) Do I own a second revolver? A: Yes, I own a 1944 and 1961 version of the OP both are .38 special and in factory quality condition.
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