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See for Jerry Miculek video on revolver speed shooting, he is the current world record holder / champ for a number of things related to the 6 shooter. I personaly have not viewed it so I can not make a personal recomendation on it though his video on S+W revolver work was highly recomended to me by a gunsmith. I have been meaning to get around to ordering them both.

As for wearing out the gun, I never thought of revolvers as terribly wear prone unless one puts a hell of a lot of rounds through them, I'm sure people who shoot competition have done it but it's got to be a heck of a lot, look at all the S+W police revolvers that lasted for decades with minimal work if any. Besides if it's to better your defensive skills any wear will be well worth it as it might save your hide.

Or by a beater practice gun --- I almost did last time I was offered a nice S+W mod 10 for under a 100 bucks.
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