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"It seems because of the design of the guns, you dont lose much going with the compact version with the G lock line. The baby Glocks IMHO are another matter."

Have you condsidered the baby glocks (26,27)? IMO they are 10 times easier to conceal IWB than the same gun with a full grip (19,23).

I'm not into the 9mm and 40 glocks but favor the 45 and 10mm glocks. In my experience, full size and compact don't shoot that much differently.

The glock 30 seemed a little awkward when I first bought it, but after shooting 5 or 6 matches, it grew on me. I have a glock 20 also. Although I like the idea of the 15 rounds of 10mm, and shoot the 20 a little better in a match, the glock 30 with the 10 rd. mag fits my hands really well and is easy to carry. As awkward as it seemed when I first bought it, it's become an all around sweet shooting handy little gun.
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