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Carbine stocks

I have sold an M1 carbine stock on ebay and bought a couple from there too, recently. I used search key "carbine stock" and seen AR collapsable stocks and the like on there for sale. Maybe you have to use clever wording to get around their dumb rules as they probably do use automatic searches for "bad" things by keyword or something. They do sell alot of nasty -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- and adult toys on there without a blink and some stuff I have seen is so unbelievable that I cannot really believe they have the welfare of their audience in mind. I have made a good buck on there selling household stuff so I will keep signed up for certain items. People will buy any crap on there that you list! As long as the pictures are good and the description catches their attention. You don't need to have a garage sale with all the bother-just put the stuff on there and make them eat the shipping, or do like some do and add an exorbitant S/H fee to pad your profits.
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