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My question is, if the bad guy is already shooting at you, how many hits can HE get in the seconds your drawing and acquiring? He's already drawn and acquired.
This is a very good example for an interesting phenomenon I have experienced in many threads here: I can't remember opening the thread with a scenario, where one is at gun point and "in the sights" of a bad guy...

I don't shoot IPSC, but common sense says that if he has me in his sights, its a higher priority to get me out of his sights before stopping to return fire.
Try it (or IDPA etc). It is great fun and dramatically increseases your skills. I agree with your common sense. If you are in the sights, there is only one thing to do: get out.
But, e.g. if a bad guy just has his handgun in - say - one hand, not really aimed, there might be enough time (1 - 1,5 sec) to draw and hit him first. You can still run after you hit him first and hard...
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