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I would have said yes sir, sorry sir and thats it.
Sorry but he has to deal with a whole lot of imcompotent aholes every day.
I shoot every other weekend at my local range and I'm apalled by how careless and stupid people get. And then they get offened and angry when the RO catches them and tells em. Theres always some knuckle head that leaves a loaded gun on the table. The ROs pull the slide or bolt back and oops! Out pops a live round.

You stand here saying he was too tough you. Yet if the guy next to you dropped his "unloaded" rifle while trying to set it on the rack and it fired sending a 30-06 in your leg you you be the hopping mad on you good leg and suing him and the shooting range because the RO was negligent and incompetent and didnt do his job! Remember these are firearms not toys. They will kill. People seem to forget them sometime.
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