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I guess I am looking for a round/cartridge for my .338wm that is universal for large game and small game, target shooting, long range to act with the precision of a needle and still able to deliver a vital blow to any animal without immorally wounding it at the longest possible range. I know that there are a selection of cartridges for this caliber for a range of differing and specific applications, however in order for me to start developing precision at long ranges I need to find a specific cartridge and practice with it (alot) in order to be able to reach the max potential ability of my rifle and cartridge if need be with great confidence.
So, with a pronghorn yes, moose yes, bear yes, groundhog yes, man-sized paper target yes. I know many may think that finding such a round for what I have described above is unreasonable, even though they may be right, I'd like to try to narrow it down to the closest possible choice.
Thanks for your insight.
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