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First post mmposth?..if so, welcome to TFL...If I were you and had that question I would obtain some ballistics charts of the cartridges you them for drop at various ranges. Make sure you observe the bullet weights in grains as it will make a big difference on velocity, range etc. The Winchester rifle you mentioned assuming a 24 inch barrel should be pretty close to what you see in the ballistics charts. Depending on how much money you are ready to spend, any of the mentioned cartridges will do just fine for me for out to 300 yards...(better with the .300 Win Mag.) beyond that the big 30's and .338 Lapua will shine a bit brighter (shoot flatter etc.). And the 50 BMG, well that is in a class by itself. Take a look at the Armalite single shot ($2500) if you are interested...of course you will need bases, scope, rings, you are over $3000, but worth it in my opinion. Let us know what you get and how it works...include scope selection, rings, bases etc...Have fun!
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