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always wonder what the reaction is of all the people at the gun show is when a round goes off. Although this is a very serious situation, it always brings a snicker ot my face to think about the reaction and how many guns get pulled when something like that happens
i have to find this email a friend sent me for a darwin award nominee. i never bothered to check it out for factuality, but the basic story was this guy tried to rob a gun store. during business hours. with a marked squad car out front. he walks in firing his .22LR target pistol, the guy behind the desk pulls his desert eagle, cop pulls his glock, a half dozen other customers pull their CCs. a small battle of shots later from a bunch of different guns, this guy and the front of the store are barely recognizable. it was a funny read. i'll see if i can find the story, and then see if i can find out whether or not it's true.
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