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Echo Farmall. I do all brass prep and priming at home. I have a big plastic toolbox I drag to the range. It includes a Lee hand tool, Redding Competition seating dies for rifle and the Lee Speed Dies for pistol. Primers, case lube, and priming and K&M and Sinclair priming tools are there, just in case I decide I just have to try one more load after all my prepped cases are fired.

In the box I also keep a micrometer for measuring case head diameters as one of several pressure signs I watch for. I keep a caliper and a set of Stoney Point gages in there. I have a Lee kit of spare shell holders for the hand press. Lee sells the powder hoppers for their Perfect measures separately, so I have three of the measures plus a couple of spare hoppers. This lets me keep all the powders I might want to try in a given session in their own hoppers, held closed by rubber bands.

I bring a Lyman battery-operated scale and a modified transparent plastic cake cover to keep the breeze off of it. The modifications are a hole and straw for dribbling powder in, and a second hole for a pencil that I use the eraser end of to turn the scale on and off or to zero it. I keep spare pencils in the box.

In addition to that box I drag an MTM cleaning rack and tray and matching box full of cleaning gear. I usually bring a Hawkeye borescope and an Oehler 35P chronograph, just to round things out. I also have various rifle and pistol rests and sandbags that go along. Not to mention target holders, laser bore sighter, and, lately, a laptop for ballistic software. I usually have a spotting scope, spare batteries, spare printer paper, Lee de-capping tool and small hammer, and of course, a full set of gunsmith’s screwdrivers and wrenches. Somewhere is a tube of Loctite.

I should mention the bottle of ibuprofen I bring for all the aches and pains that come from lugging this stuff around. A fine, relaxing hobby I’ve made of it.

I’m thinking of getting a panel van.

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