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Am I altering my firearm/ammo selection because of ballistic vests? No. But I am not ignoring the extra threat either, I am quite aware of what happened not so long ago in Tyler. What I am doing is keeping in mind that the "standard" double tap drill is not sufficient, that it may become necessary to quickly shift aim to secondary targets like the head, hip, thigh or groin if the first couple of COM hits seem ineffective. I recognize that the primary threat around here are the various sorts of burglars and home invasions. I find it doubtful that burglars would obtain vests, as usually they choose to operate by stealth and/or surprise. Organized home invasions are more problematic: since they are going in looking for trouble, they actually may have the vests. Thankfully, while the neighborhood I live in is fairly nice, there are much wealthier neighborhoods in close driving distance, I figure that the invaders will most likely go where the pickings are better. Even then, I'm not ignoring the threat. Oh, and the other main threat is crazed druggies, who I really doubt will have vests -- if they had the money to get a vest, they'd spend it on drugs. If they had a vest, they'd sell it for drug money. Not saying that they aren't a threat, but I doubt they'd have any sort of vest.

Even so, I just keep the ol' Mozambique thing running through my head...
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