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"While many folks think that the first rule of a gun fight is to have a gun, but in reality the first rule of a gun fight should be to NOT get shot!"

Right. Actually, there's a corollary to that:

And, if it turns out that you are going to get shot anyway, arrange it so that the shot does as little damage as possible.

The first, main point here is survival. It is better to not get shot at all. If you do end up in a situation where it is likely that you will get shot, try to arrange and position yourself so that the subsequent wounds are not as likely to be crippling or life threatening. Make yourself as difficult of a target as you can, and try to arrange yourself so that any hits you do take are at less than advantageous angles as far as the BG is concerned. Actually shooting the bad guy is only a secondary concern. Your own survival is the primary concern.

It does you no good at all if you manage to hit the BG COM, inflicting a fatal wound, if in the process the BG hits you COM, inflicting a fatal wound. I guess that you would have the dying satisfaction of knowing that you took the scumbag with you. Personally, I'd rather avoid the BG's fire if possible. Remember, handguns aren't death rays. Unless you manage to get a CNS hit, the BG will still be able to keep firing, for a few seconds at least. If you are just standing there firing away, the BG is VERY likely to get some hits on you.
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