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Flashhole, I do most of my load development at the range. I made an adapter to mount a vice in my reciever hitch. before I bought my Lyman hand press, I used to use a Lee press mounted to a piece of steel I could clamp into the vice. It worked really well, but I am about 6'8" and got really tired of seating bullets on my knees. I prep and prime all brass at home and only dispense powder and seat bullets at the range. I set up scale and powder measure inside cab of truck so wind wont affect the scales. Dont overlook Lee loaders for range loading if they are available in the calibers you load for. I saw a really neat portable reloading setup made so the press and powder measure mounted to a removable top on a plywood box. Components and tools could be stored inside, and turning the top over stored press and measure inside. Hard to explain, but the craftsmanship put into this thing was impressive. Hope this gives you some ideas. Andy
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