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Jelly asked why I chose FMJ over JHP:

I do not know when I may need my .45 CCW. I do not know how I may need it. FMJ gives me better, total, overall protective opportunity, I believe.

FMJ gives me the option of severely damaging anyone wearing any level of body armor (providing I can dump several COM shots into the vest).

FMJ will penetrate car doors and even house doors when JHP's flatten out and do not penetrate.

FMJ will bull right on through glass, . . . JHP's "may" ricochet away from the intended line.

I can continue on and on, . . . basically the FMJ round has many talents, the JHP only has the claim to fame that it expands rapidly, . . . and it may.

FMJ rounds I know and trust: JHP, . . . I don't.

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