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I second that.
I drop the clip and check the chamber on every gun I handle, even after the sales person hands it to me after doing the same thing.

Most of the gunshows here in MN, the majority of the booths have security wire running through their guns, or have locks on them, or in locked display cases.

It would be interesting to know how/why the gun was loaded.
I always keep an eye on those around me and what they are doing. Try to stay away from large groups of people looking at guns. (Espically behind me)

/edit: After thought. There was an intentional discharge of a firearm here in St. Paul MN last year? maybe? And the person came in a loaded a pistol with a 22 round and shot at the ground. 2-3 people sustained injuries from a bullet fragment. I always wonder what the reaction is of all the people at the gun show is when a round goes off. Although this is a very serious situation, it always brings a snicker ot my face to think about the reaction and how many guns get pulled when something like that happens. Kind of like "hit the deck" sort of stuff going on. I know it would scare the $*** outta me!!!!
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