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Are my reloads just too low pressure (scorching)?

Ok, so I'm about 500 rounds into my .45 ACP reloading career, and I'm having great success. My chosen load, 5.4 gr Unique, 230 gr FMJ performs marvelously in my 1911. Great accuracy, not a single malfunction of any kind. They are functionally perfect. Except for one thing - they scorch the heck out of my brass.

Basically every round ends up pretty nicely toasted after firing.

This brass went from tumbler to loaded to fired in <= 1 week. Now, my 1911 has always been a little prone to scorching things, but on a much much much lower level. Before I started reloading, it was fed a steady diet of ball WWB. Most rounds tended to have just a small bit of scorching just at the lip, and only in one small part. Nothing even close to this.

This load is right near the middle of the Hornady listing (ranging from 5.1 to 6.1 gr of Unique). I use a very slightly higher than "light" crimp according to my Lee factory crimp die. I'm meticulous measuring powder.

As I understand it, scorching like this is indicative of low pressures not expanding the case mouth upon firing.So what's the deal here? Is it something I'm doing wrong? Could it be partially the fault of my gun? An issue with the brass (source: WWB)?

Further - is this something I should be concerned about? Or is it kosher as long as I don't care about having to do a little extra cleaning of the gun and polishing of the brass?

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