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I have a IIIA vest with a IV trama plate.

Even if I was wearing it, I would still run or seek cover if I'm being fired upon.

If the BG is wearing armor, that is where the practice of the double tap to COM and then one to the head.

My body armor has the side panels but since I have the armor I know it's shortfalls so therefore if this were to happen I would have a slight edge to place a shot that others wouldn't.

Here in Oregon, a felon cannot own, let alone wear, armor but we all know how many criminals obey the laws.


*on a side note, no, I'm not paranoid. The body armor was issued and then it was given to the person issued due to hygine(sp) issues. When body armor is worn, in 130 degree weather, and the gallon of water that you've just drank turns to sweat, even with a t-shirt between the armor and the skin, it stills gets funky.
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