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I still haven't heard all the details on the Tyler shooting or even the amount of training or skill of the liscense holder. I don't know if he was attempting head shots or not. Failure drills are practiced by the military, law enforcement, and even common in practical shooting games. "Mozambique" or two to the body and one to the head is the most common failure drill I know of. If you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY you have put two in the chest and the threat is still there, you better change point of aim, doesn't matter what you're shooting. If you don't practice it or play it, you probably aren't gonna remember to do it. As unlikely as using a gun is, it is even more unlikely to use one against a vest. Carrying a round that is more likely to overpenetrate would not be worth the risk for me. Carrying a gun that you can shoot(read: not pocket guns), and shoot accurately with good defensive ammo, is to me at least, the most reasonable solution. $.02
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