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This is an excellent, thought provoking thread. My answer is “no”, although I changed my carry weapon about a year ago from a .45 Colt to a 10mm because I wanted the enhanced ballistics – velocity and particularly energy – provided by the 10mm (both are four-inch N Frame S&W revolvers).

Jelly also asked about rifles and shotguns. I have ALWAYS believed that for close-range defense (home protection, etc,), NOTHING was better than a Remington 870 loaded with 12 gauge 00 buckshot. I wonder, however, how that changes in the “vest scenario”?

In addition, I wonder if point-of-aim tactics should change from “center of mass” to head and/or thighs and groin? Further, should I load my Smith 610 with some 10mm FMJ rounds, perhaps (for example) two Gold Dots, followed by two FMJ, followed by two more Gold Dots?

I would certainly welcome opinions regarding all these questions.
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