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Ballistic Vests Altering Your Ammunition/Firearm Selection?

It's something I've never really thought about before that much, but with "bad guys" wearing various forms of body armor more commonly these days, I've started to consider it in selecting the best firearm and corresponding ammunition.

1. Are any handgun calibers more effective than others at penetrating ballistic vests? For instance, I remember hearing a story where a civilian shot a BG with his CCDW 1911 .45 (I'm a .45 fan, so don't think I'm picking on anyone here), but the guy was wearing a vest, and was able to return a shot (with deadly consequences) before the trained and capable civilian could take a shot to the head.

Would a smaller round (9mm) be any better? Should one pick a FMJ?

What about rifles and shotguns?
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