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Shouldn't we all insist on a safe AND effective Police force?
"Safe" and "Effective" are relative and both compromises. Police everywhere at trained to be mindful of crossfire situations. Just because a guy got hit during a crossfire doesn't mean their training was inadequate. Stuff happens. Also, training resources are finite. You could double or triple the firearms training time, but that would come at the expense of other areas. And it still wouldn't guarantee, or even significantly reduce the chances that bad things didn't happen during a subsequent shooting.

Aside from telling officers "Remember what happened to officers X, Y, and Z....Don't do what they did. Make sure you don't shoot the cop that is standing on the other side of your target" How would you change training? Tell the cops to only approach suspect vehicles from the drivers side? Tell all cops on the driver side to shoot and all cops on the passener side to duck? These kinds of incidents are too dynamic to train for individually. Common sense should prevail but when there are 5 or 6 different sets of "common sense" present, these things are bound to happen sometimes through no one individual's fault. What's worse than the incident is when administration has to "blame" someone because they feel they're not doing their jobs if they can't pin responsibility on a simple cause or person after a complex event.
If WE do a bad job at work won't we hear about it and receive feedback and/or disciplinary action?
This isn't some accountant putting a figure in a wrong column, or a lawyer failing to submit paperwork on time or a manager who failed to schedule enough people to work in a given day. This is a half dozen guys in what they reasonably believe to be a life or death situation, all perceiving things probably a little bit differently and taking actions based on their perceptions that are gained and evaluated in, at most, a couple seconds. They should NOT be punished just because YOU would be punished in a different job for a different mistake. As far as "feedback", what makes you think they're not going to receive "feedback"?
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