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The mere fact they shot one of their own, who thank god had a vest on, is proof enough this was a "sloppy" (at the least) action by the Police. That's not a knock against Police, lets get real here, we have to pay them, any victims, and may ourselves (or worse, our loved ones) be shot in this kind of situation. Why the outrage at questioning the training and techniques? Shouldn't we all insist on a safe AND effective Police force? Its silly to twist this into anything less then a screw up that needs to be addressed and corrected. If WE do a bad job at work won't we hear about it and receive feedback and/or disciplinary action? Lets get real people and intelligently address the problem instead of covering it up because of the nature of police work. We know most of the Police are good, hard working dedicated professionals, shouldn't they all be?
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