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I carry a .38 Colt Official Police 4 inch as a primary gun at 3-4 o'clock on my belt holster under my coat or under my left arm in a shoulder holster and a .32 Magnum H&R Smith & Wesson 2 inch Model .431PD in my left pocket in a pocket holdster. I also have a nice little pocketknife as a third option.

As for extra ammo (I know you didn't ask this, but a few other people mentioned it), I carry 2-4 speedloaders for my .38 (two on my belt in front of my gun in a pouch and two either on the other side of my should holster strap or in my right pocket. For my .32 I carry 2 speedloaders in my right pocket. All in all I carry 36-48 rounds on me. I'd say that's more than enough. If I ever need anymore than 12 rounds or even 6 then odds are I'm going to die anyway.
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