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AJC Sports Shop in Clute, Texas . . . ???

Anyone have experience with the AJC Sports Shop in Clute, Texas? I ordered a Browning 525 20/28 gauge combo from them on April 21 and received the gun promptly and as scheduled. Good service on the gun.

However, the deal included a Browning luggage type case that was 'temporarily' out of stock. Was promised it would be here in two weeks and certainly during the first week of May. Here it is Friday, May 13 and the luggage type case is not yet here, nor has it been shipped. The folks at AJC say it has been sitting in Laredo, Texas for a week and they cannot get it shipped to them in Clute, Texas. They sound sincere and may have a legitimate problem . . . but at this point I'm beginning to have reservations.

Anyone here have experience with AJC in Clute, Texas. Sure would appreciate some reassurance!
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