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Yeesh, the desperate analogies being tossed around here....

Are we to assume that wartime accidental fire is the equivalent of police accidental shootings?. No doubt American's were killed as a result of misplaced aircraft rounds. But wartime flight over Berlin in 1944, or Regensburg in 1943, are not in anyway similar to civilian streets in peacetime. That's pushing the cops as soldiers analogy way, way too far. Those of you who still are part of the court system, are civilians...and it's not a war and your not soldiers. That kind of thinking leads to concepts like, suppressive fire being an appropriate tactic...or gods save us...potentially that mess in Compton. And once LE as a system, truly believes that it is a 'war', and that they are 'soldiers', whatever lingering freedoms this country still retains, will die. Or others will have to die to preserve them. A bad concept and an even worse precedent.
Doctors, no doubt the rate of medical malpractice and attendant death is very high. Doctors are a essentially privilaged class in our society. But, people make a free choice (of some type) to engage a physician. Having a stray round fired into your house is not a free choice.
Because it's Compton?...the assumption then is that it's perfectly OK to have appalling weapon control, simply because it's Compton? But it's not permissible in white picket fence neighborhoods? No doubt the people in Compton will be comforted by that surety.
Bad One, no contention with your sequence of events. If the firing is justified, and some manner of control is exerted over the weapon when it's used...that's one of the things a professional should be trained to handle, even when under the appalling stress inherent to a situation like the one which started the thread. Stress response, and all the weird things which can happen under that condition, is not a rationale for endangering an entire neighborhood. Or shooting one of your compatriots.
No doubt some posting on this forum might have handled the incident much more effectively. The gentry in the video, did not, and as a result, there may be hell to pay in Compton. And it's very interesting that so few have posted as to the means to negate what could happen in the community as a result of this incident.
And this thread is getting too I'm out.
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