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The car is a weapon and I believe the cops should have shot him, no issue there but they neglected rules of safety.

-Know your target and what is behind it. As evident by the fact they shot each other. They are on opposite sides of a car shooting at each other. Bullets will go through glass .

-Do not point a gun at anything youre not willing to destroy. - The cop pointed his gun at camera people and probably other people with his finger in the guard ( i think ill re watch it when I get home) This is basic stuff, what if one of the other cops railing away had a ricochet or hell what if they were shooting at him, he got scared gun goes off and he blows a kid away. We cant see what's behind the camera maybe a nun and some 5 year old schoolgirls he just waved a 9mm at.

I'm not a cop( im going to go reserve once i get out of school and get a job in my industry), but I'm also not a cop hater. I have alot of respect for the men and women who put it on the line for us, but saying all criticism of them is hatred is wrong.

As far as wasting resources on training because they only shoot people .02% of the time: apparently they can only hit people .02%of the time (.03333% in actuality, 4 times out of 120 shots.) The people are professionals, what if we expected the same percentages out of doctors, engineers (like me), and pilots? If part of your job is to be able to use a gun then you might want to practice, it could save your life and the lives of people around. Population densities are getting higher and higher, misplaced bullets are going to kill people. What more important, making sure cops take a few extra days in the range rahter than writing parking tickets or little Billy getting a hole drilled in his head?
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