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Bad one...correct about Geotz.
The barrio incidents, not that long back. However, these kind of events are still happening in that particular part of Colorado. Still stay in touch with the people that I knew there. And anyway, it seems some places never change much.
Used these as examples because the environment is closer to the situation alluded to in the initial posting. Some of the other places which I reside or resided, the analogies are not as apt because of the environmental situations.
For example, here on the reservation, many of the goings on would be difficult to present (or have others understand); in an example of this sort;because a whole set of very unique conditions make this place difficult to place in generally comprehensible terms.
Still, the operative concern in a incident of this manner, is the level to which it might increase public distrust and unease about LE, within that community.
Both here on the reservation and in the barrios, an event of this nature does tend to exponentially increase the level of distrust between the public and the agents of the legal system. And that, might be an element which could cause more unease in Compton in the next few weeks.
So whether or not the LE people in this situation were entirely in the right (or in the wrong), the consequent events might lead to much worse.
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