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"It would be nice if the rocket scientists who came up with these provisios had also required such places to have a "check your gun" system in place, wouldn't it?"

Our tax collector's office is in the courthouse. Since it's a courthouse, no weapons allowed. I have to take all the crap out of my pockets and put it in a little tray to be inspected, maybe run through the xray machine. They always take my car keys and put them in a little numbered paper envelope and give me a ticket to pick it up when I get back.

I have half a mind to play dumb and when the guy says to empty my pockets, I'll lay the revolver in the tray with my keys and change and tell the officer to just put it in the little bag and give me my ticket.

I hate leaving the guns in a vehicle in a courthouse parking lot, 'cause every criminal would have to know- if you carry a gun, it's in there. Usually I'm in a company vehicle. I had a safe in there for a while. They asked what the safe was for, and I was politely informed the company has an antigun policy.
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