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Smokey Joe, thanks for the advice. Let me explain a bit...

I have been designated by my Chief as one of the Department's precision rifle guys. (We have two)

I was plinking with my M1A, and I have good luck with 43.0 IMR 4895, and mil surp 147 gr. FMJBT.

However, our issue ammunition is going to be the Federal GM Match ammo.

I can not afford $22-25 per box to practice. Thus, my best bet is to duplicate the factory load.

Ideally, I should break out the chrono, take some rounds to the range from the same lot, and start from there. But, time is at a premium, and I needed a starting point. Thanks for the advice, though!

And, yes--I have three Speer manuals, Nosler #4, three NRA books, and scores of stuff from the powder manufacturers--plus what I've tested out over the past few years. Nothing, though, on the Federal GM Match round.
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