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Proper load

Your request is easy...ANY of the powders listed in Lyman's 48th ed. will get you in the 2600's or 2700's fps. with a 168 grain bullet. These are max loads, though, and you should do the usual workup, starting at least 10% down.

You can find the same thing, I'm sure, in any published reloading manual. Which leads me to think...You DO use a manual, do you not??? Not just some load that someone put on the I'net???

And since you want a specific fps, and you're a serious target shooter, you do have a chronograph??? Because the velocities in the manual are what the authors got from THEIR gun, and your results will vary from that, as they will from anyone else's results with any other gun but yours.

Please, sir, if you don't have a published loading manual get one or more, and USE THEM. The PhD's in white coats that established those maxima do know what they're doing. And they can save you from having to re-invent the wheel, and Ka-Booming your precious Old Betsy in the process. And any yahoo can put any old thing out on the Internet--that doesn't make it safe.

Forgive me if I misinterpreted your post. Your question isn't one that someone who has the standard reference books to hand would usually ask.
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