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Chirs in Va:

No, the force of the bullet and the recoil of the gun are the same. Believe it or not, it is true. Newtonian Physics. If the bullet were to remain stationary, as in it were somehow permenantly affixed to an immovable object? What would happen is that the powder charge force, which would be directed in all directions at once (which it does normally, BTW) would essentially be directed at the bullet and at the back of the gun with the same magnitude, as happens normally. The gun would accelerate in the normal fashion, but the bullet wouldn't move (much, actually it does still move some), it's energy would have to be dispersed in some other fashion -- heat, sonics, elasticity, etc. And then the gas pressure would still need relieving. The thing is, the gun isn't designed with all of this in mind -- extra heat, vibration, unrelieved gas pressure, etc. Meaning, in all probability, the gun would kick just as much as before, and then it would blow up.
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