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Any firearm with a bullet capable of knocking someone off their feet would have the same effect on the shooter.
This is a straight momentum transfer issue (bullet energy is not involved).
Mass x velocity. A 230 grain bullet at 900 feet per second will make a 160 pound person 160 pounds x 7000 grains/pound = 1,120,000 grains move at 900 ft/s * 230 gr / 1,120,00 gr = 0.18 feet per second. A 2 mile an hour walk (very slow) is about 2.9 feet per second.

Only a hit to the central nervous can cause the victim to fall to the ground. Hitting the motor portions of the brain (including the brainstem) and severing the upper portions of the spinal cord are required.
Not fly through the air, just fall were they are.

Only in Hollywood do shooting victims fly through the air and through windows.
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