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What Dwight55 said: "My system is more prevention, first, . . . awareness, second, . . . and then I will have to rely on the training and practice I have put into it. Hopefully the first two will preclude the third from arriving."

That really sums it all up. There's just no point in going out there looking for trouble if it can be avoided. There's certain parts of town that I just won't go -- I haven't got any business there anyway. While I will use ATM's, I'm on heightened alert when I do. All in all, I live a pretty dull, boring life -- and to a large extent I do that on purpose. I've been the "wild child" before and I grew out of it.

I used to be tall and slender like Wayne, but I eventually bulked up some to where I am now: 6'3", 205lbs, and while I'm not one to go about grimacing, I do notice that people don't tend to give me any trouble. I tend to be pleasant to everybody until they prove to me that they don't deserve it, but I'm watching out nonetheless.
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