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can .45 caliber knocksomeone off their feet?

I've heard it said and read that the .45 caliber bullet is capable of lifting a man off his feet and knocking him back. Which is why, I'm told, the military for years (and among the men still do even though polititians don't) prefered the .45 auto rather than the .38 Army Special or the current .9mm Berretta. If an enemy soldier is charging you with a bayonet for instance a .9mm would kill them but they still might be able to lean into you with the bayonet or knife whereas a .45 would knock them back.

Is this true? (forget hollow points and glazers and all these modern bullet types. I'm talking about the plain LRN or FMJ)

I was told by a few others that this is a myth that if the gun doesn't knock you back from your end, it's not going to knock the man your shooting down either unless you have a hollow point or Magtech or some special bullet that does some blowing up or ripping and tearing at the flesh.
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