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No Motive Found in California Murders

For full story see above -

Abreviated story below:

GARNER VALLEY, Calif. - Investigators have not determined a motive in the slaying of six people — including three children_ found dead in a sprawling ranch home here but also have not ruled out a murder-suicide.

An investigator for the Riverside County district attorney's office was found dead next to a telephone and a gun Tuesday while five other people in his home were found shot to death in their beds.

David McGowan, who turned 44 on Sunday, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head close to the entrance to the sprawling ranch home, Sheriff Bob Doyle said at a news conference. A handgun and a phone, which may have been used to call 911, were found near his body.

Also killed were McGowan's 14-year-old son, Chase; daughters Paige, 10, and Rayne, 8; his 42-year-old wife, Karen, and her mother, authorities said.

All of the victims were shot in the head and all but McGowan were shot in their beds, Doyle said.

"The beds were undisturbed. The house itself was undisturbed. It did not appear that the house had been ransacked," Doyle said, adding there were no signs of a break-in.

This looks pretty messed up.

Assuming it was not a murder-sucide type of scenario.

If there was no struggle, probably a professional hit.

Since this person was an investigator for the DA's office, it probably put him on someone's hit list.
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