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I hate to say this, I've been told many times (in jest but you know how that goes), I look like your typical seriel murderer .

I am more of a loner (ackward around new people, watching them consantly(sp)) but am a "party animal" with friends). I am 6' tall but weigh in at a whooping 150lbs (well, now down to 147). I wear glasses and don't have a girlfriend (reason for that, no, not that, the other thing).

Unfortunatly, many people are intimidated by me just by looks. I don't grimice, I don't do anything, just that people get an "odd feeling" about me until they get to know me.

I've always been observent, I like to "people watch" (bird watching is for the birds ).

As for the rest, I just do as Dwight. I do go inside to the bank (have to say howdy to the tellers, they know me now).

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