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I guess you could say I use three different "modes" of caution. When I'm shooting on the dept. range, or any other well-supervised range, my caution leans towards keeping from being swept, etc. If I'm shooting by myself, my caution is more towards my equipment, my own stupidity, and Murphy's Law. If something were to happen (catastrophic failure, etc.), I'm not keen on the idea of laying there bleeding for hours before being found. On one particular range in this area (Fernwood State Forest), you have to worry about being shot... with intent, and robbed of your guns. The range in question is public, free, poorly kept, and unsupervised. You never know who or what is going to be shooting there. I quit going after one experience where several well-known gangsters showed up with their tech 9's and shot at everything except what they were supposed to (glass bottles, etc.). Worse yet because a couple of them recognized me as being a cop and the range is outside my jurisdiction. I BS'd them for a few minutes and got the hell out of there.
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