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The fish and game club I belong to is kinda in a rural area. Members are given a key to the main gate, and are required to lock the gate on the way in, and the way out.

I use extreme caution when I do this. Also I keep my carry piece on cocked & locked while out of the car in the open. If I make it through the gate I drive slow, and carefully down the short dirt road to the trap house. At the trap house there is usually a bunch of old guys I know on a first name basis standing around shootin the s**t. I usually say hello, but I make double sure I'm not being targeted by some young guy up on the porch.

I continue on 50 yards to the handgun/rifle range. I check each car carefully in that area for BG's. I turn off my engine, and sit in my car for a long time looking for any suspicious movement from members on the range.

When I'm sure the coast is clear, I get my range bag of my trunk. I usually keep one hand inside the bag as I approach the firing line just so folks there will know I mean business. When I finally get to shoot, I'm so tired from all the stress I have just caused myself, I just get back in the car and head back home.

I'm so tired I haven't been able to shoot for over a year, and I think I just might cancel my membership next year.

I've been lucky though! So far I haven't been kilt!
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