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I agree with Dasmi on this one.

Caution is the order of the day everywhere. The second you let your guard down is when the bad stuff happens. In fact, I was in a couple of competitions - IPSC and 3 gun, @ IPSC one of the rangemasters was clearing his weapon when his finger hit the trigger and boom! It went off.

The second @ the 3 gun, someone loading a 12 ga auto shotgun broke the 180 plain and could have wiped out half the shooters in the competition. Brutal.

But there to their credit, MOST shooters are generally very safety concious. It is the young buck who wants to show off to his friends that you should be careful with. Or the "Mall Ninja" in the fatigues and commando outfit.

The veteran shooters are very deliberate in their actions, and well aware of their muzzle control. But never hurts to be careful.

Shoot where you are comfortable, if not, go someplace else. Safety is #1, and if you get home in one piece, you have done your duty as a safe, recreational shooter.
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