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If you buy a dillon press to load many calibers, buying a super 1050 would be very costly. Picture buying 9 deluxe quick change kits and 9 conversion kits for the 1050.
Even if you bought a 550 and loaded it down with every option available, you'd still spend less than $2000.
The 650 with 5 stations, would be over $3000 by the time you optioned it out with powder check system, 9 conversion kits, primer quick change system, etc.
I'm not even gonna mention the bullet feeder that's available for the 650!!!
That's a high dollar item.
I could buy 2 550s for the price difference, and never have to change the primer system, and do caliber changes only 1/2 as often.

Seriously, add up how much you spent on the guns you have right now.
Spend 10% of that on reloading stuff.
Never buy factory ammo again. Ever.
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