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If I can'y carry there, I don't go. Make a point of asking for the manager/owner and leaving a little card that says why I don't do business there anymore. Some store owners are getting wise and asking what they can do about it. I give them another card with the names of the local state reps and senators, and tell them they need to work to help get the law changed. I make polite, ensure them that it isn't personal, I am just not capable of trusting anyone else with the safety of my family.

There are no establishments here that keep CCW out by choice, it's all legal, generally because they sell alcohol. Not bars mind you, here, the law says if they sell alcohol, no CCW. That means no convenience stores that sell beer, no Wal- Mart, etc. etc......

Slowly I'm getting the business community involved, and they appear to be supportive. 1 service station owner even comes outside to get his cash, wants my business.

"It's too late to work within the system,
but too early to shoot the bastards"
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