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If y'all want to carry 2 or 3 guns that's fine -- I've definitely got nothing against that.

But to me ... as civilians our situation is different from a cops in uniform. I've known quite a few cops, and I've never known a cop working in civvies with a concealed weapon to carry a bug. I'm sure it happens, but I've never known it.

Most cops carry a backup gun because they have to carry their primary open. And since their job forces them to occasionally wrestle with bad guys, their biggest concern is they'll lose their primary and their backup is all they have left.

The other thing is ... since I'm not out looking for trouble, for me my one and only gun IS a backup weapon. My primary weapon is my brain, watching for problems and avoiding violence whenever possible.

Can't imagine taking the responsibility/liability of a 2nd weapon for the 1 in a million chance I'll ever even have to draw.

As for the person who had a second primary when he wore his long coat -- I can certainly understand that. I might do the same, but I don't have a coat that restrictive.
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