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Let me tell you how they grow here in PRK (for those of you who don't know, PRK = People's Republik of Kalifornia).

I took two pigs last September at the same time. It was a fun hunt as we could hear them in the canyon below, but it took 30 minutes before we saw where they were. Anyway, this big sow starts rooting out in the open away from this juniper bush. Using the Rem 700 .30-06 with reloaded Sierra 150 gr. Spitzer Boat Tails I shoot this sow and she goes down. She starts squeeling like it is her last breaths on earth (oh wait, it was). As a result the other pigs run a little ways up the hill sort of more towards us. I have the ole Harris Bipod out already full extended to shoot off of my arse (everyone should have one or two of these bipods. Worth every cent). I ask the old man/dad if I shoot shoot another one. He says sure and so I shoot another smaller pig and he goes flopping down the side of the hill.

I can clearly see the big sow I shot first and she is finally out. Deader than a door nail. So we cautiously go down and look for the other pig. My dad sees the pig hobbling up the other side of the canyon. He takes a head shot on this pig with his rem 700 7mm mag with Sierra 165 gr. Spitzer BT. Pig goes down and stays there. We walk over and check out the first pig and then I start walking up to retrive the 2nd pig.

Keep in mind this is in some pretty thick juniper bushes in this small canyon. As I walk around another juniper, here comes the 2nd pig hobbling back down the hill towards my direction. I can't believe it! So the pig and I circle each other and I can't shoot her just yet cause she gets between me and my dad. I finally get around on her and shoot her from about 10 yards in the head with the .30-06.

She goes down and starts thrashing around. This pig is still more than capable and will not stop thrashing. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only two mintues max, I take on final shot to the head and the pig stops moving.

Yes, it took 4 bullets to put this pig down. I admit my first shot hit in her upper back and was higher than it should have. But the last three were all to the head and that pig didn't want to die.

And as a final. The first pig I shot had a piglet come running out after I shot her (what a bastard I am). Well I hussle back up the the truck with the rifles as my dad starts gutting out the first pig cause it is getting dark and we have some hauling to do. I bring down the truck as close as we can get it and then return to haul up a pig. As we are standing around in the near dark we hear some noise. Back through the junipers comes running a pig or two. The guns are in the truck and alls we have are our skinning knives. Dad says, "Into the tree" and up we go into this small juniper. We never really saw the pigs, but they made a whole lot of noise and we yelled back hoping they would move on. I figure it was probably just that orphaned piglet looking for her mom. Ooops. I really would have felt more comfortable in that situation with the 1911 .45 on my side, but hey it was nice and exciting.

So there is my California pig story. They are some tuff sonuvaguns. Be careful.
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