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Jeez, Guys! .30-06, 45-70, .308 what kinda pigs does KA have? I geuss the little Javalins in AZ aren't the same kind. I have NO trouble with those guys and my DW .44 mag.

sholling, I think the slug BBL would be a great thing to have even if you weren't after pigs! That sounds viable. But, don't let practicality stop you from buying a gun that will be cherished for years to come as "Your first pig rifle"! I'd use that as a reason to get the rifle of your choice.

cris, I have a .375, Win 94 BB XTR. I am planning to hunt Elk with it this year. It too, would suffice on pigs. BTW, it is sweet! I just love those straight walled, rimmed cartridges! Win should've never dropped it, IMHO.

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