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My friends and family call before they visit, just as I do. I do beleive the days of "just dropping by" are gone. Like Ben Shepherd said, "If I don't know you, I won't answer the door period. I'm not paranoid, I just value my ME time." I live in the County Seat of a very rural county and don't expect ANYONE knocking on my door after dark. The last occasion was this past February. It was about 7 pm and suddenly someone was pounding on my door, and I mean POUNDING! I picked up the Para and and yelled "who is it?"
The answer I got was "we have to talk to you". "Who are you?" "We need to talk with you." The outside lights went on, I opened the door a bit with the wedge at my foot and the .45 in my hand.. they were "missionaries". Well, they got a fire and brimstone and "you #%@!!!" sermon from me they won't forget for a long time.
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